Consistency Creates Powerful Leverage

Imagine if your practice, no matter the size, began to deliver consistent, value-based care, improved outcomes, and greater profitability for both you and the payors.

All you need to have this become reality is the power of the Enable Dashboard. With the correct data and risk assessments, this practice can be yours.

Because, it’s all about creating consistencies within your practice. Data helps drive the surgeon’s decision, reliable data that all of your team will utilize.

Enable Algorithms

Invaluable to your Practice

It begins by having each practice set their own unique criteria and practice goals. The Enable algorithms transform this criteria into an individual score for each patient.

This workflow allows each provider to follow the same pathway for both site-of-service and non-operative care pathways.

Now all stakeholders are engaged, including surgeons, patients and facilities.

And as you progress and learn about how this data can benefit your practice, you can refine care pathway scores and risk categories without the need for IT involvement.

Enahealth from a CMO’s Perspective