We enable data through industry leading risk engines and artificial intelligence to ensure validated patient care pathways.

Our Solutions

Procedural Proficiency Management (Site of Service selection)

Procedural Proficiency Management (Site of Service selection)

Enable is an in-practice clinical solution that intelligently determines care pathways for orthopaedic patients.  The pla...

Automated Clinical/Internal Pre-Authorization

Automated Clinical/Internal Pre-Authorization

Our configurable stack of Decision Intelligence Engines is at the heart of the Digital Health Ecosystem that we use to optimize clinical decision making.

We offer Healthcare solutions that are built modularly in order to offer clients specific solutions for Healthcare problems, without rep...

About Us

EnaHealth is a privately held technology company that applies a combination of technology solutions, healthcare intelligence and data analytics to provide leading-edge clinical solutions to healthcare providers and insurers.

Our consultative approach ensures that we address the real problem in healthcare: unsustainable costs. The platform enables transparent, equitable solutions that provides benefits for all stakeholders (provider, patient and payor).

EnaHealth has developed a suite of novel technologies that strive to optimize healthcare through real-time, transparent systems that serve provider, patient and payor.

The Company

EnaHealth was founded in 2017 to address the growing need for providers to manage risk.

We are focused on combining innovative technology, healthcare intelligence and data analytics to provide clients with customized solutions designed to optimize the delivery of healthcare.

EnaHealth partners with providers to alleviate the burden of high healthcare costs on communities, while improving the quality of administrative and clinical outcomes, as well as the improving the overall patient experience.

EnaHealth is based in Franklin, Tennessee.

Mission Statement

We are committed to improving the lives of all stakeholders in healthcare (provider, patient, payor) through solutions designed to optimize the care pathway.

Our philosophy of “Enabled data that creates actionable care pathways” is powered through:

  • Customized solutions designed for each practice
  • Care management pathways
  • AI to enable real-time feedback
  • Enabling Risk-based payor relationships

The Technology

EnaHealth is technologically focused to enable and improve processes throughout the healthcare value-chain.

We have established a reputation for mastering complex clinical coding and developing intuitive information technology systems to assist organizations to streamline their processes and achieve enhanced efficiencies.

EnaHealth’s real-time solutions are known for being customized, robust and scalable.

Our agnostic plug and play solutions are beneficial to all stakeholders within the greater healthcare landscape. We have years of experience navigating highly complex healthcare systems within a real-time, paperless environment.