EnaHealth from a CEO’s Perspective

Unlimited Opportunities for Provider-owned Practices using Enable

Creating consistencies is the goal for most medical practices, but to do this you must have current, reliable data to use. Currently, the main source of data comes from payors, which is frequently not applicable to your unique practice as each payor data set only represents a small subsection of your patient population.

Enable allows you to access the data you need in real time! By defining your own specific care pathways, Enable Dashboard allows physicians to make appropriate site-of-service selections for their patients. Consistency is key and, now, you can truly provide data-driven, value-based healthcare to your patients.


For your surgical patients

Site-of-Service Navigation Tool
  • Clinical Risk Score that standardizes site of service selections 
  • AI to identify outliers and optimize care pathways
  • Dashboards for the practice to manage provider variance

For your non-operative patients

Defined Optimized Non-Operative Care Pathways
  • Non-Operative Care Pathways allow orthopedic groups to standardize around best practices
  • AI to identify best pathway for patient specific variables
  • Value Proposition:
  • ACO, employer, and payor savings through optimized care pathways
  • Physician extenders can manage a broader variety of patient conditions with the understanding that the practice has clearly defined pathways